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Sunday, March 21st, 2010


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Dear Logan,
Today we took down the rail, and turned your crib into a bed, because you decided yesterday that you’re no longer afraid to just jump out whenever you want. Last night and tonight, putting you to bed was a bit of a challenge, since you could just get right back out as soon as I put you in there. I would just stand outside your door, wait for you to open it, tell you “no”, and put you back to bed. Last night we did that about 20 times. Tonight it only took about 7 times before you gave up. At one point tonight, you thought you could outsmart me, and hid behind your door when you opened it. 🙂

You are turning into a little boy so fast. I miss my baby, but I love the person that you’re growing into. Dream sweet dreams of freedom. 🙂


Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Dear Logan,

Yesterday, Clint put you to bed for a nap.  A few minutes later, we started hearing your bedroom door lightly hitting against the frame, like it does when it’s windy.  But after a few more minutes, we realized the windows weren’t even open, and Clint went to investigate.  When he went to open the door to your bedroom, he found that you had jumped out of bed, gone to open the door to escape, and had locked yourself into your room.  All this time trying to get out, and you didn’t say a single word.  I’m not sure where you thought you were going to sneak out to, but we got in with a screwdriver and you looked very proud of yourself. 🙂


Last night, your Mom and I found out that you really like Abby Cadabby.  I’m not going to put any more details here, but I think that we are both scarred from the experience.