Dance Recital

Dear Logan,

When you were little, people couldn’t share thoughts with each other yet, so when they were not in the same place, they used these programs called “Instant Messengers” to communicate.  Here’s a “IM” conversation I just had with your Mom.

(09:52:37 AM) f98loki: you need to get him on video doing his dance
(09:52:54 AM) timmccune: i know he never wants to perform on camera
(09:53:13 AM) f98loki: so this morning he was fighting w his kitchen
(09:53:18 AM) f98loki: i didnt know why but he was soooooooooo mad
(09:53:25 AM) f98loki: then he finally got it to play the song and he danced adn cheered
(09:53:30 AM) timmccune: hehe
(09:53:35 AM) f98loki: so i cheered for him and danced
(09:53:39 AM) f98loki: he kicked me out of the room
(09:53:41 AM) f98loki: shut the door
(09:53:51 AM) f98loki: but i heard the song again
(09:53:59 AM) f98loki: i peaked in and he was just really getting into it
(09:54:10 AM) f98loki: spinning, high kicks
(09:54:19 AM) timmccune: wow 🙂
(09:54:23 AM) f98loki: then he saw me and got mad
(09:54:25 AM) f98loki: kicked me out again
(09:54:31 AM) timmccune: I’M PRACTICING!!
(09:54:35 AM) f98loki: right
(09:54:43 AM) f98loki: maybe there will be a recital
(09:54:47 AM) timmccune: i hope so

There was one. 🙂

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